Creative #WritingPrompts List

These are my own original writing prompts. I made them up for this post, but will probably begin to use them with my students. Feel free to use them with your students or for yourself.



1.You are President of an imaginary country. What kind of leader are you? What should we know about your country? Who lives there? Finally– where is it located? Be as silly or realistic as you like.

2.What is the best number of them all, and why? If there could be only a single number in the world, and there was only that many of everything, what number should it be? What would the world be like if only that number existed?

3.Some song lyrics are nonsense, and others are very meaningful and are more like poetry. What kind of a songwriter would you be? Would you write your lyrics carefully, or would you just care about the music? Why?


4  They say plants grow better with sunshine and water…and when people play them classical music and talk to them– true story! Write a love poem to a plant to make it grow tall and strong.

5 Words have immense power over our emotions.  Are there any words that make you particularly emotional– for example, a word that reminds you of something that happened to you, or a word that stands for something you hope for?

6. You are an inventor. The public does not know who you are, but you just created something that is going to save the world. What is the first thing you do? The second thing? What if people don’t believe you when you tell them about your invention?


7. Do you remember the first time you chose a book to read, without anyone else picking it for you? What was the name of the book? The author? Where did you get it, and what made that one book stand out from all the rest?

8. Think of the last character you read about who you felt you would like to be friends with. Based on what you know about that character, write a list of things to you would want to talk to them about if you were going to hang out with them. (Try not to rely on your book’s plot– think of what you and the character would have in common if you were really friends.)

9. If you could fly around the world in a hot air balloon on a five-course dinner flight, where would you go and what would you eat for each course?

10, What is the definition of the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?” Explain briefly and use it in a sentence.


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