Book Review: For the Love of The Goddess #ChicLit

This is a story with only one fault.
Gods and humans clash.
They want to own a thing that’s powerful.
They suffer, they show courage, they lie.
They squeeze mandrakes.
They get revelations.
It is a story with one fault only:

You want it to never end…

Welcome to Lady F’s world – the kind of place where almanacs filled with ancient spells sit on dusty bookshelves, surrounded by crystals and charms most people don’t know how to use anymore. A place that welcomes the curious to tempt fate. Here, an “almost wizard” named Ashton Rowan pursues Freya, the great Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex– and rightful owner of the precious Brisingamen.

“When the Brisingamen graces your neck, no one can resist your charms.”

But Ashton has an ulterior motive for contacting Freya—he needs her help with his love life. He is infatuated with Vivienne Chantel, a passionate woman who he just can’t seem to pin down. And, unbeknownst to Freya, Ashton may be able to seek her help without succumbing to the power of Freya’s cherished Brisingamen.

“The poor Goddess of Love, Attraction and Sex was conceived in delight – and she was dependent on it under any form.”

Will these two ever be able to resist each other? And what will become of Vivienne, Loki, and the rest of Lady F’s charming characters, both human and ethereal, who host each other in heaven and on earth?

For the Love of the Goddess is a delightful and whimsical romance by a skilled storyteller. Author Lady F uses enhanced, full-color digital illustrations as part of the narrative on nearly every page.  If you are a romantic, a creative spirit, a dreamer, or just enjoy a good story, you should check this book out!



Lady F is author and moderator of
Her latest book For the Love of the Goddess is available for purchase Here.


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